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The Non-physical Properties of Genetic Information Have Verified Creation

It seems to have become fairly common these days for atheists to argue that some of the properties of genetic information are not real, and to pretend that scientists only label them as they do because it provides a convenient way to describe them. When you point out to an evolutionist that DNA is encoded information, they will argue it's not actually code, and not actually information. When you point out that there are algorithmic processes in genetic information, they argue that they are not real algorithms, but that it is simply convenient for us to describe them as algorithms for the purpose of describing them. When we point out that DNA is language, the evolutionist will argue that there is no actual language to genetic information, but that it is simply described as language because it makes it easy to discuss genetic processes. This is as rational as two people talking about an automobile standing in front of them and one of them saying, "It's not actually a car, we just describe it that way because it is convenient to do so."

It has been my experience that when debating, evolutionist will consistently make similar denials because they are aware of the implications. If DNA is in fact encoded information which possesses linguistics properties and algorithmic processes, the obvious inference is that it was designed by a mind, and that this mind is of unfathomable intelligence having abilities vastly superior to man's -- a designer of man and all organic life. This fact demonstrates that while atheists claim to appreciate science, and claim that science has verified evolution theory, they actually despise the inference provided by scientific discovery because it points us to a designer. This is why when I debate atheists about evolution and provide scientific sources for the fact that DNA is code, information, linguistics, and algorithms, the  atheist will claim DNA does not actually posses these properties, and that I am misrepresenting what is said in scientific sources. It is their way of denying what modern science has discovered for the purpose of denying creation.

The fact is, even secular, mainstream scientists describe DNA as encoded information that possesses linguistics properties and algorithmic processes. The conundrum for the evolutionist is that it is not possible to explain a naturalistic cause for information, linguistics, code, or algorithms. These are all products of intelligence. These is no potential in material processes to produce any of them.

Consider the fact that genetic information defines the structural form of proteins. Proteins are defined by the by the information in the DNA which specifies a chain of amino acids, which when produced by the machinery of the cell, results in a machine component of highly specific structure. A typical protein is 300 or more amino acids long, and some are tens of thousands.

The function of a protein is determined by its shape. The shape of a protein is determined by its primary structure (sequence of amino acids). The sequence of amino acids in a protein is determined by the sequence of nucleotides in the gene (DNA) encoding it. http://biology-pages.info/D/DenaturingProtein.html

There is nothing random about proteins. They are so highly specific that if a mutation replaces an amino acid with the wrong one, the result is almost always a protein which will not fold into it's intended form and will be of reduced functionality or completely nonfunctional.

Stability effects of mutations and protein evolvability Nobuhiko Tokuriki, and Dan S Tawfik, September 2009

The past several years have seen novel insights at the interface of protein biophysics and evolution. The accepted paradigm that proteins can tolerate nearly any amino acid substitution has been replaced by the view that the deleterious effects of mutations, and especially their tendency to undermine the thermodynamic and kinetic stability of protein, is a major constraint on protein evolvability--the ability of proteins to acquire changes in sequence and function. Mutations, and mutations that alter protein function (new-function mutations), in particular, are generally destabilizing, and can reduce protein and organismal fitness. The destabilizing effects of mutations comprise a major constraint for protein evolution, be it the accumulation of neutral, or adaptive variation. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/26823449_Stability_effects_of_mutations_and_protein_evolvability

Consider also that language is a property of genetic information. Language depends upon symbolism. If we have a plastic text character shaped like the letter "A", there is nothing we can do materially to cause the sound of the letter to come from this character. The shape of the character represents a sound. The sound is not a property of the text character - it is not a property of matter. This symbolism is part of genetic information as well, wherein codons represent amino acids for the production of proteins, entire genetic sequences represent proteins, and RNA sequences represent switches to regulate protein production. This symbolism is not a property of the DNA molecule, but rather the information with which it is encoded. Symbolism does not exist in material processes, and chemistry cannot produce it -- it is non-material. An intelligence is necessary to apply a meaning or purpose to an object. Since matter is not sentient, it cannot tell us, "I represent a sound!". Symbolic representation requires intelligence.

In this short chapter you will learn how modern molecular biologists manipulate DNA, the blueprint for all of life. The four letter alphabet (A, G, C, and T) that makes up DNA represents a language that when transcribed and translated leads to the myriad of proteins that make us who we are as a species and as individuals. - C. The Language of DNA:https://bio.libretexts.org/TextMaps/Map%3A_Biochemistry_Online_(Jakubowski)/04%3A_DNA_AND_THE_CENTRAL_DOGMA_OF_BIOLOGY/C._The_Language_of_DNA

The Linguistics of DNA: Words, Sentances, Grammar, Phonetics, and Symantics

There are reasons to believe that biological systems and processes cannot be fully accounted for in terms of the principles and laws of physics and chemistry alone, but they require in addition the principles of semiotics--the science of symbols and signs, including linguistics. For convenience, we may refer to the belief, common among contemporary molecular biologists, that the laws of physics and chemistry are necessary and sufficient to account for life as the PC (physics and chemistry) paradigm, while the alternative view that principles of semiotics are additionally absolutely required for a complete understanding of living systems and processes as the PCS (physics, chemistry, and semiotics) paradigm.


Algorithms are known to exist in DNA as well, even in immune system functions. Scientists discern them by writing algorithms and applying them to the genetic sequence of DNA to discover how the cell finds information in one location of the DNA that is interdependent with information in a different location. When the algorithms they have written works in finding the information, they have discovered how the cell is doing this trick. The process is algorithmic.
We present evidence supporting the idea that the DNA sequence in genes containing noncoding regions is correlated, and that the correlation is remarkably long range-indeed, base pairs thousands of base pairs distant are correlated. We do not find such a long-range correlation in the coding regions of the gene; we utilize this fact to build a Coding Sequence Finder algorithm, which uses statistical ideas to locate the coding regions of an unknown DNA sequence. We resolve the problem of the «non-stationarity» feature of the sequence of base pairs (that the relative concentration of purines and pyrimidines changes in different regions of the mosaic-like chain) by describing a new algorithm called Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA). - Statistical and linguistic features of noncoding DNA: A heterogeneous  https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02462019

Modern biology has revealed things that evolutionists simply could not imagine in the days of Charles Darwin, or even the early 20th century. It has revealed that life is a product of creation because it's properties - complexity, irreducible complexity, interdependences, features of design in the form of nanotechnological machinery, information, linguistics, and algorithms. The properties of information alone have verified for us that not only is evolution false and creation is true, but that evolution is in fact scientifically impossible. The following information, provided by Dr. Werner Gitt, has made this most clear.

10 Laws of nature Regarding Information, which prove evolution false and prove creation is true:

1. Anything material, such as physical/chemical processes, cannot create something non-material
2. Information is a non-material fundamental entity and not a property of matter
3. Information requires a material medium for storage and transmission
4. Information cannot arise from statistical processes
5. There can be no information without a code -- no thought or idea can be shared without a code
6. All codes result from an intentional choice and agreement between sender and recipient
7. The determination of meaning for and from a set of symbols is a mental process that requires intelligence
8. There can be no new information without an intelligent, purposeful sender
9. Any given chain of information can be traced back to an intelligent source
10. Information comprises the non-material foundation for all:
    a. technological systems
    b. works of art
    c. biological systems

1. Since the DNA code of all life is clearly within the definition domain of information, we conclude that there must be a sender
2. Since the density and complexity of the DNA encoded information is billions of times greater than man's present technology, we conclude that the sender must be supremely intelligent
3. Since the sender must have
    a. encoded (stored) the information into the DNA molecules,
    b. constructed the molecular biomachines required for the encoding, decoding, and synthesizing process and,
    c. designed all the features for the original life forms,
We conclude the sender must be purposeful and supremely powerful.
4. Since information is a non-material fundamental entity and cannot originate from material quantities, we conclude that the sender must have a non-material component
5. Since information is a non-material fundamental entity and cannot originate from material quantities, and since information also originates from man, we conclude man's nature must have a non-material component (spirit)
6. Since information is a non-material entity, we conclude that the assumption "the universe is comprised solely of mass and energy" is false.
7. Since:
    1) biological information originates only from an intelligent sender and,
    2) all theories of chemical and biological evolution require that information must originate solely from mass and energy alone (without a sender), we conclude that all theories or concepts of biological evolution are false.

Anyone who disagrees with these laws and conclusions must falsify them by demonstrating the initial origin of information from purely material sources.

Therefore, the laws of nature about information have:  1. refuted the assumption of scientific materialism and the theories of chemical and biological evolution  2. all philosophies or theories based on the assumption of scientific materialism including chemical and biological evolution are falsified by the laws of nature about information

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